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Defending Jesus' Message

& Messenger.

Writing, video making,

podcasting, and preaching

to defend (Phil. 1:17) and spread (Rev. 10:11)

Jesus' Bible-based Message

revealed to William Branham.

About Pastor Jesse

I'm Jesse. A husband, father, pastor, teacher, author, and Holy Ghost-filled Christian.

The Lord Jesus Christ miraculously revealed Himself to me when I was in second grade and my mother was dying of liver cancer. He healed her and she's alive today! At 19 years old, I finally surrendered my life to Christ. In 2001, my whole life transformed even more when I heard of God's prophetic ministry given to the late

William Branham (1909-1965). 

I've had a holy burden to spread Jesus' "Thus saith the Lord" revelations given to Branham ever since. Preaching for 20 years (18 years pastoring) has reinforced the fact that every soul deserves to hear Jesus' End Time Message, and I must do my part, by God's grace. 

Book Testimonials

"I can tell the Holy Spirit inspired you to write it...The teachings in your book are very helpful and go much deeper into the subjects than I had ever gone before. Praise God!"

Sister Nathalie

"This book is a well written, easy read that will captivate the reader's attention. I was glued to the book from start to finish. I was pleased that it was not the author's personal opinions nor adherence to legalism, but a teaching based firmly on the Word of God. Many thanks

for this work of love." 

Pastor Tim Pruitt

"The Lord spoke through you while writing it, for sure. You wrote in love and meekness, proof of the fruit of the Spirit! It sounded like Christ, Himself."

Sister Misteen

Teaching Video Testimonials

"Thanks to you for making those videos. You saved my soul."

D. P., November 2017

"Thank you for delivering your message in a kind, loving way. It's confirmation. I asked God, 'How do you want me to dress?' Then I stumbled upon your video. Glory to God!"

M.S., November 2017

"Thank you, dear. I'm transformed."

J.C., September 2017

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