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1977 Deep Dive

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you and I hope you had a wonderful weekend of worship!

Last week I put out my latest video about Brother Branham's 1977 prediction. It was a "deep dive" into every single quote from Brother Branham about this subject, so here's the link if you'd like to view it:

Since the time I first read and heard Brother Branham speak about 1977, I have never thought his prediction was a prophecy. Brother Branham just seemed to be so clear about this.

Over the years, I've been shocked to hear some people claim it's a prophecy. During the Resurrection Weekend in April, a minister asked me my opinion about this subject, which inspired me to study this subject yet again.

After reading all 21 mentions of 1977 and hearing the 19 times he called it a prediction, I continue to believe Brother Branham was simply predicting the year the LORD might return. The sermon that will help you best understand this subject is Daniel's Seventieth Week from August 6, 1961. If you listen to the last hour of this sermon, you'll hear Brother Branham give 2 reasons why he thought 1977 was when God would return to Israel:

  1. It seemed to be the 70th Jubilee.

  2. It seemed to be the same amount of time for the Gentiles to receive their New Covenant as Israel had to receive the Mosaic Covenant.

Of course, Brother Branham's prediction was off, which he said might be the case. He said, "I could be wrong" and said 1977 was not in the 1933 trance or vision in which God showed him the 7 Major Visions.

These subjects that show Brother Branham's human side always mean so much to me because I see Brother Branham's human side. Of course I can see Brother Branham's prophetic side when he speaks with "Thus Saith The Lord," and I thank God for that, but it's encouraging for me to see Brother Branham was also human and fallible. Jesus Christ alone is infallible, as Brother Branham believed and taught. This is why Jesus Christ is the One and Only Absolute.

Moving on, here's the future projects I'm working on are:

  • Podcast about the need for churches to express brotherly kindness and divine love

  • 45+ Human Mistakes on Brother Branham's Tapes

  • 12+ False Doctrines Coming out of Branham Tabernacle

  • How a Saved Spouse Lives With An Unsaved Spouse

  • Milk Vs. Meat Christians (Hebrews 5:1-6:3)

And of course, we are still praying for the war in Ukraine to end. The truth behind this war is hard to pin point, especially as our government leaders take smiling pictures with Ukrainian leaders, our Congress tries to send 40 billion dollars of support to Ukraine for war efforts, and the mainstream media hypocritically supports the war. Thankfully, the Lord Jesus Christ is in control.

Watching and praying until Jesus returns,

~Pastor Jesse

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