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3 New Videos Available + Testimonies

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you and I hope you enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving! Our family wants to wish all of you a wonderful holiday weekend. There is SO MUCH to be thankful for through Christ Jesus our Lord!

This week I published three new videos if you' like to check them out, and you can click on the picture to take you to my YouTube home page:

(1) Eagles Represent Prophets and Believers

(2) Is Revelation 7 is the Wise (Bride) or Foolish Virgin?

(3) The Difference Between the Two Seventh Angels

I'm really excited and motivated to writing, filming, editing, and publishing more Christ-honoring content. I've recently received some very encouraging testimonies from viewers, and that always helps encourage me to keep going. Here's some samples:

  • Raymond said, "Tremendous balance on the word. The Good Lord bless you."

  • Joshua wrote, "Perfect presentation, brother. God bless you and your family."

  • Rocco commented, "This dear Brother knows his Bible. Faith can find it's resting place on the rightly divided Word."

Furthermore, regarding The 12 New Testament Mysteries Revealed, I recently received these words from Laurah and Acts 2:38 Boy:

"Just wanted to send along a few compliments on your book. I'm about 300 pages in and have been so impressed with how readable and well organized it is, especially considering all the themes, concepts, citations, and references you integrated. Very, very nicely done."

"I ordered your books and received them today. Talk about amazing!! I am already in chapter 3 of The 12 Mysteries book. I love how so many sources are being used and how that no one can say it was just from Bro. Branham's teachings. You can't argue truth when it's right there for you to see. Thank you so much for all of the time, effort, and heart that you have put into these. I am eager to read on and learn and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have some close friends that absolutely do not believe in the rapture and I am excited to see how this is explained. Thank you for your love of truth and for the message of the hour. To God be all the glory!!"

Again, I pray the Lord Jesus richly bless all of you with more love, grace, truth, and peace! My family just loves this time of the year. We have so much more family time, laughs, excitement, songs, and more as we focus on Thanksgiving and Christ's birth.

Below I'll leave a screenshot of my ideas for upcoming videos. I hope you're excited to view them when completed and also share them with others who love this end time Message delivered to Jesus' bride with "THUS SAITH THE LORD!"

In thankfulness to Jesus Christ,

~Pastor Jesse

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