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85% Complete, But Who's Counting? :)

The proverbial finish line for my next book is closer than ever. I'm only two chapters away from submitting the final manuscript to my professional designer for the book God's Mysteries are Finished: 12 Bible-Defined Mysteries Revealed.

To give you an idea when this book might be released, I'm basing this estimate off the timeline for my first book. I submitted my final manuscript in January 2019 and it was released two months later in March 2019.

So, I have two remaining chapters to finalize, which should take me about 3 weeks. Hopefully, I'll submit the manuscript in March 2021. If that happens, June 2021 should be the release date. June is a beautiful time of year.

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

Certainly, it has seemed like a long haul to finish this project. Our Lord has been building patience in this often hasty heart of mine, by His loving, amazing grace. Everything will be beautiful in His time. What are you trusting God to make beautiful in your life?

~Pastor Jesse Smith

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