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Are YOU The Message?

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you all and I trust the Lord Jesus has been blessing you through His Spirit of grace.

So, are YOU the Message? Or, am I the Message?

My current answer is “No” to both questions, but I’ve recently heard two prominent preachers declare this error to their consenting congregations.

Where is the discernment of the Holy Ghost? How can so many believers say “Amen” to an untruth?

Sadly, one of these congregations even accepts preaching that they are the greatest Christians of all time. Not even the Pope says that he is the greatest Christian of all time! Yet this Message church has "amen"-ed preaching that their young people are the greatest young people to ever live on the earth. How sad. Where is the humility and the fear of the LORD?

It seems the first reason some believe they are the Message is because pride has blinded their eyes to the truth.

Another reason believers could accept this is because they lack sound teaching. A third reason may be that God’s season to reveal this truth hasn’t come to them yet. Maybe now is the time for the revelation.

No matter the reason for some believing they are the Message, Satan loves to cause confusion about the definition of the Message in order to deceive. Satan wants Message believers to worship Brother Branham, his tapes, themselves, or preachers.

Only one Person can bring clarity on the definition of the Message: the Holy Ghost. And the Holy Ghost will only point us to the Word of God.

A simple breakdown is:

Sender: Corporal body of Jesus in heaven

Message: The Holy Ghost convicting each human soul with His Word

Receivers: Every human

Before moving on regarding this breakdown, it’s also helpful to show the basic Webster’s definition of a message is communication between two people. In the natural, the message is NOT the sender, nor the receiver.

In The Rapture, 1965, Brother Branham said the Message is the Scriptures God is vindicating now. The Message is the Bible verses God’s Holy Ghost is fulfilling at this time, in His people, His receivers:

Many of you, strangers, perhaps, hear these men get up and make—make these remarks, about, “A Message of this hour,” and so forth. What they are getting at, is God’s promise of this hour, that He promised what He would do. And we see Him Scripturally vindicating just exactly what He said He would do, in the same manner. Foretold, hits just exactly perfectly, each time, because it’s God saying it. 65-1204 - "The Rapture"

Back to the breakdown—Jesus’ corporal body is the Sender of His Message. Jesus has seven Spirits before His throne, and those Spirits take the Message to each of the Seven Church Ages. Here in Laodicea, the Holy Ghost delivers the Message to every single human heart, for all men are without excuse on Judgment Day (Romans 1:20).

We are all the receivers of His Message, whether temporarily or permanently. You and I have the choice to accept the Message, or reject It. But we all receive It, just like each ground received seed in Jesus’ parable of the 4 grounds (see Matthew 13).

The Holy Ghost’s Message to each soul is Acts 2:38, Hebrews 13:8, Luke 17:30, Malachi 4:5-6, and so many more verses.

If we accept the Message, we are justified, and eventually sanctified and filled with the Message. Once our souls are sealed by the Holy Ghost, we are then ONE with the Message. We are witnesses of the Message and carriers of the Message, but we are NOT the Message.

It’s wrong to say, “I am the Message.” Friends, none of us are God’s direct communication from His mouth, or Spoken Word. If that was the case, we would be sinless, but we’re not. We are NOT the Holy Ghost. We sin every day and fall short of God’s glory. It’s clear we need the daily influence of the Holy Ghost-Message in our souls to influence our minds in order to bring our bodies into subjection to the Message.

I know there’s a lot of quotes about the Message, so I’m looking forward to feedback on this blogpost. At this moment, I have nearly 30 Bible verses Brother Branham used to define the Message God gave to him.

Lord willing, this subject will be the focus of some upcoming podcasts and videos.

Keep contending for the faith once delivered to the saints,

~Pastor Jesse

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