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Dance For The Risen Christ!

Dear Subscribers,

Greetings in the holy name of Jesus Christ our Lord! I trust your Resurrection Weekend was a great blessing.

Our church joined another church for four services over the Resurrection Weekend and the Spirit of God met us with a great outpouring of blessings! I thought I'd share a few of the testimonies that came out of the meetings.

The highlight service was the Saturday night service that nearly lasted 6 hours long. The Lord led me to preach on "Praise Jesus' Name In The Dance." You can listen to it here if you feel led:

The reason I share this service is because Brother Branham's Bible Message came to restore our faith back to the faith of the apostolic fathers, and Acts chapter 2 proves the apostolic fathers believed in the freedom of worship, which included dancing!

Brother Branham believed Mary danced in the Spirit in the upper room in Acts 2:

And Mary was right with them in the upper room. And she got so full of the Spirit until she danced under the Spirit, acting like somebody drunk. And you think you'll get to heaven anything less than that? You'll never do it. Yes, sir. Virgin Mary and all the rest of them had to come the way of the Lord's despised few." 59-0415A GOD'S.PROVIDED.WAY

Some of the testimonies that came out of the Resurrection Weekend services were:

  • Numerous young people believed to have received the baptism of the Holy Ghost

  • One parent's request for her daughters to be filled with the Holy Ghost was answered

  • Another parent's prayer for her daughters to have a personal experience with the Holy Ghost was answered

  • One brother called these services the greatest services he had ever experienced

  • One teenager told me she has seen a great change in her life since receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost

  • One teenage boy said he had dreamed one year earlier about the freedom of worship in the service he experienced (the Spirit of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy)

  • One saint said these services were the answer to over 5 hours of prayer for the Holy Ghost to be poured out along with focusing on God's promise to pour out His Spirit according to Acts 2:17: "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh."

I'm sure there were more testimonies, but I hope these are an encouragement to you! Keep trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and believing for Him to pour out His Spirit. He is faithful and will visit His people in the right season.

Brother Branham said he danced on a few occasions. One was at a New Year's Eve Service at the Branham Tabernacle and the other was out in the Colorado wilderness. Brother Branham said he danced like David:

I looked back this a way, and the sun against the icicles made a rainbow. I could see the God in the sunset. I could see God in the rainbow. I could hear God in the wind. Then I heard the elk herd holler. Then I heard the old gray wolf holler; its mate answered at the bottom. Then I begin to... heart beat hard. The wild, I love it. Something in it, to see godly. And I had set down my rifle, and I raised up my hands, the tears running down my cheeks, I begin to say--sang praises to God. I got real happy, and I run around and around the tree. If somebody would've been out there, they'd have thought I was out of the insane institution. I didn't care what people thought. God was all around, and I was worshipping Him like David, who danced before the ark. 55-0625 SHOW.US.THE.FATHER

Lord willing, I should have the next YouTube video completed in a few days about the 30 Bible Verses Brother Branham used to define The Message.

Thanks for your prayers and keep dancing for Jesus Christ our risen Lord!

Dancing For The Name of Jesus,

~Pastor Jesse

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1 Comment

Caleb Kimungui
Caleb Kimungui
Apr 16, 2023

Praise the name of the Lord. I'm certainly glad for you and thank God for giving you saints of God a divine experience and a dancing resurrection joy. Indeed it is gladly the rising of the Son. Here in KITALE, Kenya we had a similarly blessed time with our Lord as we daily purpose to draw just so much closer to Him than ever.


Regards to Saints of your flock.


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