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Editing 30 Minutes At A Time + 5 Opinions of Our Prophet

Well, I'm one week behind on publishing my next video about Brother Branham's 6th Vision. The day I had planned to record the video, a 23 year old man wanted a Bible study with me, which lasted 2.5 hours. So that pushed back my recoding date by one week. Thanks to the LORD, I was able to share numerous truths with the man. Then, a few days ago, I was able to record the video on Saturday, March 6, and I'm editing it 30 minutes at a time. Hope it's complete by this weekend, March 13th, Lord willing.

So, I still feel the same about the 6th Vision, that is NOT fulfilled by Biden/Harris. The best I can say, based upon all of Brother Branham's quotes on the subject, is it's in the process of coming to pass. Recall that was Brother Branham's own language describing the 4th Vision--it was in the process of coming to pass (See Church Age Book).

While preparing the final script for this video, I felt it would be helpful to show the following five examples of how important it is to separate Brother Branham's opinions and humanity from the "Thus saith the Lord" statements.

A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair is Spiritually Dead

Rightly so, Brother Branham said with "Thus saith the Lord" that a woman who cuts her hair is spiritually dead, no matter if she speaks in tongues, dances, or joins aide societies (God of This Evil Age). 1 Corinthians 11:5-15 proves this, for she shames both her husband and Christ if she is uncovered (cuts her hair). That was truly inspired of the Holy Ghost, but right after speaking this truth, Brother Branham in his humanity, cited the wrong Scripture, saying "1 Corinthians 14" instead of 1 Corinthians 11. His wrong citation is no problem, for it wasn't part of the "Thus saith the Lord" statement. But it's a great example of how close the natural man was to the Holy Spirit--only a breath away.

Martin Luther King Jr's Followers

On three occasions, Brother Branham said MLK Jr. would lead millions of blacks into a death trap. When asked if this was prophecy or not, Brother Branham said "No...that's just my opinion." I've listened to those 3 recordings and Brother Branham did say his opinion with strong conviction and emotion, but it was never prophecy. This teaches us that no matter how emotional the prophet was, we must be careful not to make something divine unless it was either spoken with "Thus saith the Lord" or has Biblical authority.

Annihilation By 1977

Numerous times, Brother Branham said he thought total annihilation would come to the United States before 1977. Even in the Church Age Book in 1965, he maintained this prediction, but as time has shown, it was simply his opinion. Here we learn that a prophet could think he had divine inspiration, but unless it was spoken with "Thus saith the Lord", it may not be from the LORD.

No Generation After His Generation

Twice Brother Branham said there would not be a generation after his own: "We can't have another generation" and "We can't go another generation." Again, time has proven this statement was Brother Branham's opinion, as it's been 56 years since his passing, and he taught 40 years was a generation: "Forty years is a generation."

All of Matthew 24 Would Be Fulfilled in His Generation

In the Church Age Book, Brother Branham recognized the Pope's first visit to Jerusalem as a fulfillment of the signs in the heavens in Matthew 24. He went on to say his "generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled." But it's plain to see not all of Matthew 24 was fulfilled, particularly the rapture verses, 24:36-42. Brother Branham was entitled to his opinion, and again, this opinion was not spoken with "Thus saith the Lord", so we do not stumble at it.

It's a great exercise in godliness to examine each statement of Brother Branham and see if it was from the LORD or only his human opinion. It's BOTH sinful and lazy to just say, "Every word Brother Branham was Thus saith the Lord." But a real saint of God is up to the God-called task of proving all things; not some things.

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." 1 Thessalonians 5:21

~ Pastor Jesse Smith

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