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Encouraging Quotes of Brother Branham!

Dear Subscribers,

Greetings in the holy name of Jesus Christ our LORD! I hope you're excited for the holiday season like we are. The time off, extra worship time, food, and fellowship are such a great way to end the year.

Have you enjoyed the recent string of quote videos? I hope you can say an enthusiastic "Yes!"

I've enjoyed finding them, listening to them, and posting them. I love to share little-known quotes or quotes that show Brother Branham's humanity and God's grace in his life.

Here's the top 3 quote videos by numbers of views and my reactions:

#3 - Meda Rebuked Brother Branham + He Was Afraid to Fail + Jesus Healed Him From a 9 Day Sinus Infection

This video is only 4 days old and is on the Top 3 list, so that's wonderful.

A guest minister reminded me of this quote last Sunday and I went back and listened to it and was so blessed to see so many truths in it.

Brother Branham appreciated his wife kind of rebuking him when he wondered if God even called him to preach! This shows Brother Branham's humility and love for Meda.

We also heard Brother Branham going through tough times physically and spiritually, and yet God was so faithful to him. Brother Branham admitted he battled fear of failure. Who doesn't?!

Then Brother Branham admitted to catering to denominations. Wow! He catered to the antichrist system? That's what he said, but God gave him revelation and grace to overcome it the rest of his life.

We all rejoice that God was merciful to Brother Branham, and so God will be merciful to us, too.

#2 - Women Can Operate All 9 Gifts of the Holy Ghost In Their Order

I often share this quote with our church since we have more women than men. I just want to encourage our sisters that they have all 9 gifts and God wants to use their gifts, just like men. Nothing blesses my heart more than seeing God use saints in supernatural ways. We so often feel the pain of our humanity, so when we see God's Spirit move in our lives, it's such a refreshing and causes joy unspeakable!

#1 - The Third Pull, Rapturing Faith, The Squeeze

Not surprisingly, this prophecy-based video is the top quote video. Brother Branham said people today are more concerned about the rapture than ever. Here's the quote:

316. Brother Branham, if a man has been married and divorced (Isn't that awful? See? So many... Now, I'm not saying nothing against the people; just that's on the people's mind. Sure, they're troubled. The rapture, people used not to think so much about that; it wasn't so much of it. But now, it's just plastered the world. And the people read these things in the Scripture. And people, elected, out there is coming in to look at it. And they see it, and they're sincere. They want to know. That's the reason I want to answer it just as with much sense to it as I can give it you.)--has been married and divorced and then remarried of a woman who has also been married and divorced and then married to him, and these two can--can--married in God's sight--are they married in God's sight? How can both or one of them be in the rapture? 64-0823E QUESTIONS.AND.ANSWERS.2_ JEFFERSONVILLE.IN COD

I've noticed that vidoes about prophecy always do better than teaching videos. Makes sense. No true believer wants to be feel left out, or left behind.

Over the past few years, I've heard preachers say there are just a few days, hours, or minutes left until the rapture. How sad. Then they say there is no more Scripture to be fulfilled. Even more sadness.

These quotes on the video are my "go to quotes" when people ask me about the events left to happen before the rapture. I believe the USA government has to force the Bride to stop preaching as Brother Branham said, which is according to Revelation 13:16. It's comforting to see these quotes from Brother Branham have stood the test of time.

Lastly, I received a wonderful testimony from a quote video I'd like to share from a brother who needed encouragement. Now, to me, this shows the power of Brother Branham's quotes! It said:

Thank you brother, God spoke to my heart directly through this concerning some deep burnout in my ministry to prisoners behind bars. God is so faithful even in our lost battles and wounded discouragement. Please be encouraged my dear brother and mighty man of God, for the wounds and scars that you have endured and received from others while standing for Truth of our message of the hour, for the Cross, and for the Lord Jesus Christ will be so worth it on that day! WE LOVE YOU AND STAND BEHIND YOU!!!

Wow, thank you Jesus! Very happy for this precious soul.

But please know that I'm no mighty man. I can do nothing outside of Jesus, per John 15:5.

May the Lord bless your holidays! We will live for you, Jesus, in 2024, and for the remaining days of 2023!

God bless you all!

~Pastor Jesse

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