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"Forward, for God's Sake!" - June 2021 Update

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks for your patience with all my unfinished projects. It's been a great start to the summer and here's what I've been up to.

Family Vacation

Two weeks ago we took our first family vacation in about three years to the Gettysburg area. We were inspired by the Gettysburg Museum and all its offerings. The battlefield was amazing and humbling. Union General John F. Reynolds' famous last words before dying in battle are memorable: "Forward men! Forward, for God's sake!" My prayer is, Dear Jesus, let me have courage in the face of opposition like General Reynolds to move forward in my ministry to You.

Final Edits For The 12 New Testament Mysteries Book

My book designer finished formatting the next book and last week I spent many hours reading over the final manuscript, over 840 pages, making 212 edits, corrections, additions, or deletions. I've submitted those 212 edits and now I'm waiting for him to make the edits. Then I'll have to look over the final manuscript one last time before it goes to print. I'll be sure to let you know when it's completed, likely in July.

Clarence Larkin and William Branham YouTube Video

Due to the labor-intensive work on The 12 New Testament Mysteries book, I've paused all work on the next YouTube video. But I hope to restart working on that tomorrow. My next job is to record the audio for Brother Branham's quotes proving he was not a plagiarist.

18th Wedding Anniversary

Lastly, today is my 18th wedding anniversary with my precious wife. It's shocking how quickly 18 years of marriage has passed, but we look back in thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness and grace providing for us and our eight children. Serving Jesus Christ is the greatest life anyone could ask for, and we rejoice in the great life He has given us.

In closing, let us go forward serving our Lord Jesus Christ with strength and courage, like God told Joshua. Only be strong and very courageous, friends! We are nearer to our Lord's return than ever. Let's go forward, for Jesus Christ's sake!

Love in Christ Jesus,

~Pastor Jesse

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