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Is Branham's 6th Vision Fulfilled?

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Two weeks ago, a couple brothers shared Pearry Stone's YouTube video with me, called Will Kamala Harris Fulfill This 1933 Vision and Prophecy? Stone wasn't certain of its fulfillment. Of course, some Message ministers have said Brother Branham's 6th Major Vision is fulfilled. What do I think?

No, I don't think Brother Branham's 6th Major Vision is completely fulfilled for the following reasons.

First, Brother Branham made it clear the 4th Vision was not yet fulfilled, regarding the driverless cars, saying it was in the process of coming to pass. If the 4th Vision isn't fulfilled, how the 6th Vision be fulfilled? Personally, I think the visions have to come to pass in the order they were given.

In March 1964, Brother Branham said, "They've got the car right now, if they just had the highways to put it on." In agreement, the Church Age Book says, "The plastic bubble car has been built and is awaiting only a better network of roads." Clearly, the appearance of the cars was awaiting the improvement of roads. We still don't have the cars or the roads, but the cars are almost here.

Second, Brother Branham gave numerous details about the 6th Vision, which included the nation bowing to the powerful woman: "She'll either be President, Vice President, or it'll be the Catholic church as a woman. I've seen her: A great woman, the nation bowed to her. It'll be one before the end time. THUS SAITH THE LORD." Has the United States bowed to Kamala Harris? I don't think so. Tens of millions of Americans, like me, reject her leadership and consider her a fraudulent Vice President. She hasn't issued any new laws the nation has bowed to in worship, for she doesn't have that power.

So, the thing to do is be real solid, spiritually. Be patient. Keep trimming your lamp and keeping the Light of Christ shining. God will let us know, undeniably, when He fulfills His promises.

~Pastor Jesse Smith

"So just don't interpret nothing. If God wants you to know anything, He will send it to you (See?); so just be real, real solid now. Hold still." William Branham, March 24, 1963
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2 comentários

Dear smf.yeg.26,

It is possible Brother Branham was causing some to stumble, but based upon all the quotes about the 6th Vision, when you read/listen to them in context, I really don't think he was trying to make people stumble. It seems Brother Branham simply didn't know the interpretation and he was being honest. But it's undeniable he meant the 4th Vision was still in the process of coming to pass. Brother Branham said we are still awaiting for the roads for the cars to drive upon. I hope this helps you. God bless you.


When Jesus spoke certain things they were meant for those with carnal minds to

stumble and not catch what was between the lines.

Is it possible that when brother Branham said “or” (woman or the Catholic Church), that it was also meant to cause some

to stumble? The Catholic church is also represented as a woman and is in power now, in the Inited States with the POTUS who got in fraudulently like the first Catholic POTUS did...

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