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It's The Busy Season

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you and your families! I trust you are doing well by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, this is the busy season of the year for me. Obviously, as a school teacher, the summer's are a dream.

But fall is especially busy due to all the before school and in-school meetings, parent teacher conferences, and now my friend and I have started up two before school Bible Clubs - one at a middle school, and one at my elementary school.

So all this translates to less YouTube videos and blog posts. But you get it. You're busy like me, too. All glory to God in the busy times and the seasons of rest.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support. I've received numerous emails, YouTube comments, and even some letters in the mail with gratitude for the work of our ministry. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THESE ENCOURAGING TESTIMONIES.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate the time you've taken to reach out to me and share how the Lord has blessed you through our sermons, YouTube videos, books, and more.

Here are some thoughts I have about future topics for podcasts, YouTube videos, and books.


Lord willing, we'll keep sharing personal testimonies from the saints in our assembly. But I also plan to address both erroneous extremes around the Message - the Tape Worshippers and Accusers of Brother Branham.

I have a list of over 20 false teachings coming out of Branham Tabernacle that I'd like to cover and show how Brother Branham said the exact opposite of their lies.

Also, the Accusers of Brother Branham have been busy making outrageous, slanderous, and false presumptions about Brother Branham. I want to address those at some point and also show all the Bible doctrines they have rejected since leaving the Message, proving they cannot be closer to God while denying His infallible Word.


From my perspective, it's been a wonderful year for videos, as the Lord has helped me address important subjects like 1977, interracial marriage, ministers' marriage requirements, "Bride Pride", and many others.

I've got a list of almost 40 more subjects I'd like to address, with the next being the nephilim. Hopefully it'll be done by late next week, Lord willing. Then I'd like to go over each of the Seven Seals one by one to prove once and for all that Brother Branham received his revelation from God and did not plagiarize.


I've actually started my next book about raising a godly family, but put it on hold. I'm thinking about starting back up writing on January 1, 2023.

I've got other ideas for books, like a commentary on the Book of Revelation using Brother Branham's quotes and future prophesies. Another idea is a book defending Brother Branham, in which I could expound on a true believer's response to accusations about the 1963 Arizona Cloud, the Bridge Prophecy, the Brown Bear Vision, and more.

In closing, God bless you and thank for your support. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you and keep you.

Keep fighting the good fight of faith,

~Pastor Jesse

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2 comentarios

Wow! This is very encouraging and thank you Pastor Jesse for sharing your future plans regarding the ministry you are involved in with us. This is not a simple task you are doing right now and you intend to continue doing next year. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the strength that comes from God be upon you, your family, the work you are doing right now and what you intend to do next year. Blessings and continue fighting a good fight in the Lord.

Me gusta

Thank you my brother for sharing all the beautiful things you are doing in the body of Christ, the courage and willingness to preach the truth with sincerity without fear of the false teachers, and immature teachers in the message.

Me gusta
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