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Larkin Video Complete! + Plans

Dear Subscribers,

I hope each of you has a wonderful Independence Day with your friends and family. May this holiday remind us of the spiritual freedom and peace we've received through the blood of Jesus Christ. These holy Words come to my mind:

And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself...the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. Colossians 1:20 & 1 John 1:17


Moving on to some updates, I published the Larkin/Branham YouTube video on Wednesday night and it's had a lot of positive comments and some criticisms, as both are expected. If you haven't seen the video yet, you can access it here:

Additionally, here's a screen shot of some of the video's stats, in case you're into that sort of thing:

My final words about this subject are that Brother Branham clearly tried to accumulate and reference as many books and sources as possible. Brother Branham was NOT a plagiarist. I feel sorry for and pray for his accusers. I remain eternally grateful to Jesus Christ for sending us a genuine, humble, prophet-servant to our generation.


Concerning future YouTube videos, I'm feeling led to address the following subjects:

1) Legalism, Love, and Lasciviousness: 3 Approaches To Religion

2) The Lust of the Eyes: Media, Movies, and Pornography

3) Revelation Chapters 17-22

We will see how the Lord directs in the upcoming weeks.

As for The 12 New Testament Mysteries Revealed book, I am basically waiting upon my editor to finish up his work. He does editing part time, so his full time job takes up most of his time. Two weeks ago I again read through the book (all 840 some pages) and submitted 212 edits that were applied. I'm sorry the release date has been delayed. He told me June was a likely release date, but here we are in July. In all these things, God is certainly teaching me patience. Thank you for your patience and I remain grateful to the editor, all of you, and our Lord Jesus Christ. God works all things for our good as we love and trust Him, the timeless One.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you this Independence Day and always. One day we will have 1,000 years of independence from sin, temptation, and more, during the glorious Millennial Reign of the Son of David, Jesus Christ. Come, Lord Jesus!

In Christ Jesus,

~Pastor Jesse

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