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Most Bold Video Yet?

Dear Subscribers,

Greetings in the holy name of Jesus Christ! I trust this post finds you and your families doing well in the grace of Christ.

Since last month's bog post, I've posted the following four YouTube videos, Which do you think was considered the most bold by the viewers?

(1) Esther Did NOT Wear Makeup

(2) The Word That Fell on the Day of Pentecost Will Not Work Today

(3) 6 Reasons Ministers Are NOT Required to Marry Virgins

(4) Does Genesis 4:1 Disprove The Serpent Seed Teaching?

If you said #3, you're right! :)

I've been feeling led of the Holy Spirit, in my humble opinion, to post this video about ministers' marriage requirements. While it's true Brother Branham said ministers should marry virgins in his Marriage and Divorce sermon, from February, 1965, some never consider that this statement was likely his opinion. I'm working on an entire video about how Brother Branham frequently accepted correction from his wife, peers, ministers, the Angel of the Lord, and more. Brother Branham admitted he was not infallible and said made thousands of mistakes every year. He also complimented men who were not "pushovers," who had to agree with everything he said.

My "marry virgins" video gives 6 reasons why I believe this statement was Brother Branham's opinion, which are:

Reason #1: It is only based upon one quote, with no sermon devoted this subject, plus there is a quote on the other side.

Reason #2: No N.T. scripture teaches this doctrine.

Reason #3: The Levitical priesthood was forever changed and so the requirements do not pertain to NT ministers.

Reason #4: Most hold a double standard favoring the men (not requiring his virginity).

Reason #5: Some make this a legalistic requirement glorifying the flesh.

Reason #6: The Blood of Jesus Christ Changes the Virginity Requirement to Spiritual Virginity - and Forgives All Sexual Sin.

I've received an awesome testimony from this video, as a minister emailed, saying:

"I have to say, I so appreciate your incredible boldness done in humility to preach the doctrine of scripture in light of this message without any fear. I have been bound up on this subject of ministers and virgins for years and years, and my personal revelation and belief has always been as you presented in this video, but I always was too afraid to mention it to anyone...Your boldness to step out and proclaim your revelation on it has lifted a very heavy cloud off of my spirit. I cannot thank you enough."

This testimony again proves to me that the truth will always set believers free from bondage! Praise the Lord Jesus!

Yet, I also received the most harsh words I've ever received from a sister, who said:

"You Jesse Smith and all that believe your false doctrine...Your place is awaiting for you IN hell... You comes straight From the seed of the serpent."

I did my best to reply in humility, offering a prayer of forgiveness for her. A quote from Brother Branham came to my mind, so I shared it. The prophet emphasized loving someone you bitterly disagree with, which I hope was a word of correction for her. Thankfully, I know Jesus Christ loves me and died for me. I was there when His love was shed abroad in my soul by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I have "no condemnation" because I am in Christ Jesus my Lord.

I've found that those who are most harsh have no rebuttals to my videos, whether it's related to Serpent Seed, Joseph Branham NOT being a prophet, or this subject on ministers marrying virgins. They are moved by emotion rather than truth, exercising no temperance, which is part of the Stature of a Perfect Man. This breaks my heart, because it's likely they have "fallen off" the Stature of a Perfect Man and have not moved on with God. It's evident these angry spirited believers are neglecting the Scriptural commands to "prove all things" and have answers ready for all their hopes (1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 Peter 3:15). But I can pray for them and know Jesus will continue to strive with them. I always hope and pray for my attackers to repent and find the love of Jesus Christ, as I have.

As always, I'm open to correction as I seek to continue rightly dividing the Word of truth. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I'll leave an updated list of my ideas for upcoming videos below.

I'll be in touch before the year's end, but Merry Christmas in Christ Jesus our Lord! May the sacredness of this holiday fill your heart, as Brother Branham said:

But, remember, what ever what day it might be, we still doesn’t take away the sacredness of what its supposed to be…We Christians ought to be testifying to the glory of God giving His Son to us. This Christmas ought to be an outstanding thing. 63-1214 - Why Little Bethlehem

In Jesus' Sacred Service,

~Pastor Jesse

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