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New Podcast

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you all in the holy name of Jesus Christ!

My friend and precious brother in Christ, brother Ameen Lee, felt led to start a podcast and we've posted our first episode. As of right now, it's available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Lord willing, we may use other formats if needed.

If you don't have access to these formats and would like to listen to the podcast, I could post the audio on YouTube. Please contact me if you'd like this option.

Our desire is to get the Word of God out. God is responsible for taking the Seed and giving the increase. We are simply asked to preach it and water it. God gives the increase. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Bible Message God gave to William Branham has literally changed our lives through the power of the Holy Ghost and we are not ashamed of this Truth! We want others to hear this life changing Word and be ready for Jesus' secret, rapture return.

When I think of outreach and its importance, I often remember Brother Branham rejoicing over Brother Neville's radio ministry. Brother Branham said Brother Neville's radio sermons were "treasures" and "marvelous masterpieces" he held in his heart and were very appropriate for the day they were living in:

"Thank you, Brother Neville. It is understood that the Neville trio is one of the best trios in the nation. Sure, that’s right. That’s right. [Brother Neville says, “I doubt that.” Brother Branham and congregation laugh—Ed.] And how many heard the broadcast yesterday? I am an old veteran preacher, over twenty years old, and I’ve heard lots of sermons. But I believe I heard one of the most appropriate sermons for the day that we’re living, I heard it yesterday, by our pastor, Brother Neville. You who missed that, missed a great treasure. That was dearly in my heart. And when my wife was washing dishes… Junie, I was helping her, so that won’t hurt. Delores makes you wash them, too. So… While I was helping her wash the dishes, we both had to stop, to just to—to remark to each other, how that the Lord was using our brother in yesterday’s message on the radio. And it was a marvelous masterpiece, if I ever heard one. And I was so happy to know, that the one who the Lord was using to bring the message, I was associated with, in the work of the Lord. And, so, and the quartet, or the trio, yesterday, was just marvelous; and they are, all the time, and so is our pastor. And we appreciate this with all of our hearts. And pray that God will continue to be with our brother, and grant these great powerful messages both in song and in the Word, as the time goes on." 57-0120M - The Impersonation Of Christianity

Notice Brother Branham NEVER told Brother Neville to limit his preaching and "Just press play." I believe Brother Branham would rejoice in all efforts of the saints today who seek to spread and share the Bible revelations that God gave him.

Here's our podcast cover picture, designed by my gracious and lovely wife:

God bless you all in the holy name of Jesus Christ!

~Pastor Jesse

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