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Progress Over the Past 3 Months

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you and I trust the Lord Jesus blessed you with His presence over the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays.

I'm especially grateful my family and I remained healthy over these past three months. God's grace is surely sufficient in our weaknesses and the blessing of the LORD is a fountain of life!

Here's an update on the progress we've made defending God's Message over the past 3 months on YouTube and podcasts, and our hopes for the future.


The following topics have been covered on the channel:

  • The Nephilim of Giants of Genesis 6:4

  • Question: Why Did Bro. Branham Say a Man Can Divorce His Wife Is She Cuts Her Hair?

  • Different Kinds of Types of Fillings, Love, Faith, Fruits, and More

  • 4 Reasons I Don't Set Up a Christmas Tree + Bro. Branham and Christmas

  • Jesus Revealed the First Four Seals to Bro. Branham


  • How Many 1933 Ohio River Baptisms - 14 or 500? Question and Answer

  • Brief Answers on Roy Davis, Leo and Gene, Plagiarism, and Re-Evaluating Bro. Branham's Ministry

  • Sister Houa's Testimony, Parts 1-2 out of 3

  • Jesus Revealed the First Four Seals to Bro. Branham

So as you can see, I've been laboring as diligently as possible during the "busy season" and it's a relief as we've come out of it and had more time to focus on the Word.

Topics we'd like to address for the future include:

  • 20+ Scriptures Brother Branham Used to Define "The Message"

  • 20+ False Teaching Coming Out of Jeffersonville

  • Why We Use The KJV Only

  • More Testimonies of the Saints in Akron

  • Answering More of the Presumptuous Accusations Against Brother Branham

  • How To Worship In Spirit and Truth With Our Emotions Set On Heaven

And of course, I have 30+ other YouTube ideas waiting for God's time and season.

Friends, if I can be a help to you defending this Bible Message God revealed to His prophet, Brother Branham, please contact me via email or text.

May the Lord Jesus Christ anoint you to defend this Message!

In Christ,

~Pastor Jesse

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