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The Brown Bear Vision

Dear Subscribers,

God bless you and I hope your week after the Resurrection worship was a great week. My week was super busy and tiring, but I made it to Friday by His grace.

Today I published a video about Brother Branham' brown bear vision. Here's the link:

Brother Branham's accusers, to their own shame, have often used this vision to claim Brother Branham was a false prophet because he disobeyed it. Brother Branham was a true, genuine prophet of God.

I admit, this brown bear vision accusation troubled me for a long time. But this season of testing was useful for me to seek the Lord, learn to wait upon His promises, and search His Bible diligently. Today's video is the result of all that valuable time of study and prayer and waiting.

In the video, I show 10 Bible examples of how prophets and believers can disobey heavenly visions and prophetic written promises of God and still be forgiven. The undeniable truth is that many of God's prophetic promises are conditional, meaning the believer must obey the promise for it to come to pass. Simple examples are salvation, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and a mind of perfect peace. If a believer obeys, he will inherit these promises.

There's also 6 observations about the brown bear vision that are often overlooked. When prayerfully considered, an honest person will see the vision in a another light--the light of forgiveness, for we all fall short of inheriting certain blessings and rewards due to our own disobedience.

In the second half the video, I give brief responses to other accusations against Brother Branham, including:

  • The Tent Vision

  • The 300,000 Prophecy

  • The 7 Major Visions

  • The Arizona Cloud

  • The Ohio River Municipal Bridge Prophecy

In the last section of the video, I felt led to share 9 questions that Message believers can humbly ask those who have left. Let me know if those questions are helpful. My desire was to show how Brother Branham's accusers leave the Bible truths when they leave the Message.

Enjoy the weekend. I know I'm going to try to relax and recharge my batteries for the glory of God. I'm also hoping to record the next podcast soon about the recent accusations against Brother Branham's revelations of the Seven Seals. Brother Branham was not a plagiarist. He was God's humble prophet, anointed with the Spirit of Elijah.

In Christian love,

~Pastor Jesse

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