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The Passing of Brother Billy Paul Branham

Dear Subscribers,

Greetings in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you and yours are doing well in the grace of our Lord.

I'm sure you've heard of the passing of Brother Billy Paul Branham. We've mourned over his loss and prayed for his family.

But we've also had to pray for some of his family members in hopes they will repent, as far as their idolatry of Brother Branham's tapes is concerned. If you've been following my posts this year, you've likely seen or heard the videos on the 24+ lies coming out of Branham Tabernacle.

Today I posted a podcast about Brother Billy Paul and questions others have asked me about his life and beliefs. I addressed the positives in his life but also covered the doctrinal concerns with he and Branham Tabernacle. Here's a link to the Apple Podcast if you're interested:

Let's continue to pray for the entire Branham family in hopes that they will one day believe the Bible Message that Brother William Branham preached and not be trapped in the "Tape Church" denomination.

Earnestly Contending For The Faith,

~Pastor Jesse

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